The Musterdenker is a german group of developers and designers.

Hello Jekyll World

Why we moved to Jekyll? Because we’re developers…

In the past

… we had our blog running on wordpress. Wordpress is a fine piece of software (talking about frontend, NOT the code), it’s easy to setup and to maintain.

In addition there are Gazillions of plugins that will enable your blog to sell stuff, make you coffee and help you finding the meaning of live. It’s easy to spend weeks looking for the coolest plugins.

We did all that and, well, we figured out that we don’t need it. Even though blogging with wordpress is so easy I still had to open my browser, login and click click click click whenever I wanted to post about some bug I just discovered or some other coding related issue.


We decided that we want to start blogging again AND we decided that we want to do it without any overhead, any non necessary feature and without leaving our coding environment.

So we started with jekyll bootstrap and now this blog is powered by jekyll and running (is it ok to say running, when talking about static pages?) on github pages.

The only thing I need to do is enabling the spell check in my Sublime 2 editor and find a dictionary that knows the word “blog”


We’ll soon blog on a regular basis about web development, performance, RoR, php, hacks, bugs, projects, …